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Milking His Cathetrized Cock!

Milking His Cathetrized Cock! - Video Update Added 2017-09-30

Sticking her Rubber Gloved Fingers deep in to her wet cunt, Matron rubs the pissy wet cunt juices all over RH's Rubber Gasmask! The other hand is still busy wanking his Catheterized Cock... Matron speeds up as she wants her Plastic Piss Patient to cumm! As she pulls his Plastic Hood over his face he does so almost immediately slashing his Hot Spunk all over her Rubber Hooded Face! Taking out the catheter, Matron slides is still hard cock back in to his Plastic Suit, what a finish not to be missed!

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Hard Catheter Piss Blow!

Hard Catheter Piss Blow! - Video Update Added 2017-09-21

Matron fills the leg bag that is hanging over RH's Rubber Hooded face with the last of his Piss from the Plastic tube. She shares the piss with him making him drink his own as she too slurps on his Piss! Matron gives him a stunning blow job as his catheter spills piss all over her Transparent Rubber! She then pulls the Latex balloon catheter from his ass!

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Plastic Nappy PVC Sluts Piss Fetish
Wet Catheterized Piss Wank!

Wet Catheterized Piss Wank! - Video Update Added 2017-09-11

With his catheter firmly in place, Matron goes to the other side of the gyno chair and picks up a Rubber funnel. She also grabs a Plastic leg bag and tube, hooking the two together she Pisses in to the bag via the funnel! Once finished she goes back to Patient RH. and raises the chair, then once in position she gives RH. and Piss Wank as she empties her Golden Liquid all over his cock and Plastic Suit...

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Pregnant Rubber Piss Fantasy!

Pregnant Rubber Piss Fantasy! - Video Update Added 2017-08-31

Matron is laying back on the Rubber couch as in the 69 position a Transparent Rubber clad and pregnant Patient J. watches her Wet The Bed! She splashes and guzzles on the hot Urine as Matron empties her bladder! Then they swap, as Matron gets on The Rubber Clinic floor and J. takes off her Rubber Suit and gives Matron a huge Golden Shower... What a finish!!!

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Plastic Pants Piss Fuck Finale!

Plastic Pants Piss Fuck Finale! - Video Update Added 2017-08-21

Still banging away at her Red Latex Patient from behind, Matron stops her Rubber Fucking and takes her Rubber sluts Plastic Pants off that are hanging from her ankles... Matron makes her sit on the white tiled floor at the end of the Rubber Bed as she first has to suck the juices off the Rubber Strap On and then take a face full of piss in a Hot Golden Shower! What a finish!!!

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KINK TUBE Plastic Nappy Plastic Lovers
Wet Catheter Piss Sex!

Wet Catheter Piss Sex! - Video Update Added 2017-08-11

Straddling  her Rubber Piss Slave, Matron allows him to finger fuck her cunt with his Rubber Gloved Hands as she wanks his Catheterized Cock! Taking the Piss bag off his Rubber Tube, Matron grabs the Bag Of Piss and holds it over her mouth as she drinks and lets it pour on to RH's rock hard cock! Then lifting up the Gyno Couch, Matron sucks and slurps the Piss from RH's catheter! Great Rubber and Plastic Watersports action!!!

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